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 API documentation


TruckQuote exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API), so developers can interact in a programmatic way with the TruckQuote application. This document is the official reference for that functionality. The current API version is 1.0.

  • T o  get the Api Key
  • Generate Token
  • Get Token
  • Parameters
  • Sample Request Json Data
  • Sample Output Json Result


Quote Calculation can be done in two kind of  Users

  1. UnAuthorized Users
  1. User can calculate only 5 Quote per day.
  1. Authorized users
  1. User can calculate unlimited Quote by giving Token in the header

To get the Api Key

  • Create a new Account from the website. Sign Up is free
  • Sign in to truck quote
  • Go to profile

Generate Token

  • We can give name for identifying tokens
  • Can set the expiry date by changing the expiry date. By default the expiry date will be one year
  • Click on Generate Token to create new tokens
  • We can Generate multiple token

Get Access Token

  • Get the key and its expiry date.

Request / Response Formats

All Quote APIs support json is the response format.

  • All API requests should be against the domain  
  • HTTP Response Status Code is 200  on all valid response in json  formats.
  • Other HTTP Response Status Code Indicate error in the API request

Quote APIs

Here is the URL to find the Quote Result. The request should be a post method

We can give input values in JSON format.


  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Equipment Type
  • Feet
  • Date
  • Weight
  • Weight Unit

Sample Request JSON Data :

{"origin":"Las Vegas, NV, USA",

"destination":"Madison, WI, USA",



"date":"04/09/2018 17:44:24",




  • Set the Content-Type  in the header section with  application/json; charset=UTF-8
  • Set the Authorization  in the header section with Token (Authorized users)

Set Header

  • Select the Body type to raw  
  • Then give all the data in the body section

Set Body

Sample JSON Output Data :


    "status": true,

    "message": "Quote Calculated Successfully",

    "result": {

        "id": 1246,

        "quoteAmount": 3040.736,

        "miles": 1707,

        "estimatedTime": "3 Average Days"



Result For UnAuthorized User After Quote Limit Exceed


    "status": false,

    "message": "Daily Limit Exceed",

    "result": null


Note:  The input type should be proper for the correct Quote generation

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