Improving Customer Experience in Logistics with Technology

Monday, 23 September 2019 | Logistics Technology

Businesses are in a quest to drive their revenue growth and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Reducing operational costs, improving efficiency and forging valuable partnerships are some common steps for optimizing supply chain performance.  Yet, logistics companies and supply chain managers fail to focus on a critical driver of business value - their customers.  Having grown to expect speed and ease of delivery as a given, customers are greatly influenced by their supply chain experience. A late freight shipping delivery disappoints customers, whereas expedited service delights them. Customer experience can make or break a brand’s reputation and that is why it is essential to meet your customer expectations efficiently. 

Increasing number of retail channels and evolving customer demands makes it a challenge for freight broker companies to render better service and greater customer satisfaction. And that is why businesses need to leverage technology to build closer, meaningful connections with your customers.  Here are ways to improve customer experience in logistics with technology. 

Fleet Management Systems with GPS Tracking 

Logistics companies need to implement the best technologies and tools to streamline its overall operations and improve customer experience. Technology solutions such as transportation management systems (TMS), tracking devices and analytic tools can optimize your core operations. Providing better visibility into shipper’s supply chain performance through data and reports, software systems can help businesses solve an assortment of challenges that threaten to disrupt the flow of supply chains. With the track and trace features of TMS, shippers and customers can monitor the freight movement easily. Having a better visibility to inbound and outbound transportation helps in cost assessment, excellent customer service and improved efficiency. 

Marketing Automation

Now that we have a multitude of channels to connect with customers, business organizations need to make the best out of it. Invest in the best online platforms and technologies designed to advertise and promote your business effectively. Automating the marketing tasks help in connecting with customer base easily and building the brand reputation. Not only it gives your business a positive outlook among the customers, but also makes your company smarter and faster. 

Customer Service Strategy

Trucking and logistics companies need to be in-sync with evolving customer demands and technology advancements. Leveraging the latest technology trends will help businesses to render flexibility, visibility and transparency to customers. Good customer service combined with real-time notifications and alerts of shipment let you keep customers in the loop. If a customer can’t locate his or her shipment by tracking, then they can get in touch with the customer service agent through live chat and enquire about its whereabouts easily. Positive reviews posted by customers will do your business and your brand image a world of good.

Logistics companies need to embrace adaptive technology to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple touch-points.