The New Normal in American Shipping

Monday, 16 November 2020 | Freight Shipping

Wow, talk about busy! Things have NOT slowed down here!

The "New Way" which has become our daily lives is both annoying and amazing! When the virus pandemic first began it was a change for the whole world. Without this virus, our levels of communications that had thus far been used primarily for social purposes, was quickly adapted for business and education. Our whole way of life has changed and likely will never go back.

Why, you might ask?

Primarily the work/school from home aspect. While there are a great many people who were not prepared for this, the "ripping-off-the-band-aid" situation we found ourselves in has created a lot of adaptation across the country. Between private and public funding remote learning has become much more obtainable. This availability will only grow as time passes.

Likewise, many employers have invested in home office equipment for their staff and have conducted business successfully with their employees working from home. Employers are learning that giving up a little control in the office is well worth the financial overhead saved in not having an office at all, or at least down sizing to essential in house staff only. 

Industries where in person patronage was common place have adapted to curb side pickup and home delivery. Ride share companies have adapted to home delivery services as well. I mean, why not? They're already out and about, so why not stop and pickup that hoodie for Barbera's daughter and that prescription for old man Jones? It's capitalism in the works.

Which brings in the biggest boom in transportation this year! Home deliveries. From manufacture to retail and retail to the last mile, home shopping and home deliveries have become the biggest boom in the transportation industry has seen in years! Now, work and personal deliveries are both being made to the home offices rather than split between the home and the corporate office. And like everything else American, instant results is what's required to stay on top. Shipping quotes are no different.

Instant shipping quotes are a big risk for the quoter. Shipping lanes, rates, and volume change as quickly as the winds so often quotes require a little research to ensure they're going to match the current environment without coming up short. A complex algorithm is needed to instantly calculate data and produce a quote which is priced well enough to be fair for all parties. If this was easy, there would be more instant quoting options available than there currently are. Give it time though. Like everything else that's worth having, more will come. 

In the meanwhile, is already up and running and providing instant shipping quotes to customers across the United States!